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News: Tips for success and fast results

Tips for success and fast results

If you really want to be succesfull in this business it will be important that new members keep coming in daily and you work with your up and downline as a team. The key is focus and determination towards your goal. Dont only promote it on facebook. Take it offline. Understand the concept how it works. Promote it to your peers, friends, relatives and everyone you know. Reach out schools, Collegues, Universities, Hospitals and labourcamps etc.

Don’t stop promoting your business when you have 2, as you see you need plenty more to complete your levels.

Make a nice post on your facebook wall about this business and use a pic with it +  include your reflink in it, tag 100 friends!! Without the tag the post is not really helpfull (post everywhere, twitter, linkdin, instagram , facebookgroups etc.).

This is not a 1 day or 1 week business, this is a long term commitment to earn huge bitcoin amounts. Don’t expect to get rich in 5 days J

Promote and post daily, be yourself, make it something personal, if you LOVE your business and you are full of enthousiasm of what you have started, others will start to love it to and join you in this journey

Keep focused and determinated to get what you want from this. Celebrate every small step and every small succes to the big outcome!!

Logon to the site everyday and check you are on the required level so you will not miss any of your payment.


Some tips by powerful team member


Just a few helpful tips for those that either are struggling to gain referrals or have downlines that are..
One thing that I used was a rotator. It is one link that inside has the referral links of some of my downlines that need more help than others so that I don't have to rely simply on spillover to help them build their matrix. One program that I like to use is... .... they have a free option that allows you to place up to five links inside a rotator and you can use that link in your promotional efforts.
Try to switch up the language and approach for your promotional efforts. It has been my experience that a "teaser" type message with a photo of result proofs helps tremendously. By "teaser" message I mean something like..
"WOW!! This is the first time I have ever made back my startup cost PLUS an additional profit in THE FIRST 10 MINUTES!!"
And then a photo of your dashboard showing your stats. This will cause the person to be curious and they may comment "info" or "how".. send them a polite message with a brief introduction to the program with the link to join at the bottom. Something like..
"Hello (their first name)
Here is the information you requested.
Cryptobitx is a member to member donation matrix (2x7) that can allow you to change 0.001btc (less than $1) into as much as 1024 btc ($870,400).
Sign up here : ( your referral link) Please be sure it says "Invited by (your name)".
Video Presentation : ( link of a good youtube video that explains the program)
Thank you for your interest and I hope to see you there!!"
I used almost exactly that same message in every PM I sent.
Hope this helps and thank you for reading.

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